December 8, 2014


An e-Commerce website for subscribing and paying for subscriptions to a new magazine for model IC engine builders.

Dragonfly Solutions

Dragonfly Solutions develops dynamic, database-driven websites that result in savings for your company or organization in areas such as advertising, work processes, communications and project management. Our resources include PMI? certified project managers, systems/workflow analysts, database developers, graphic artists and content developers...that means you get a web application that meets your requirements, on time and on budget. Check out our services page for more detail on all of the services provided by Dragonfly Solutions.

Getting Started

The first step in creating your website is to gather requirements on the purpose of the site, your domain name, your color preferences, sample sites you may like and what functionality you want in the site. 

Step 1:

Contact our customer service manager to set up an initial evaluation appointment at no charge.  Once an initial evaluation is completed, we will develop a proposal outlining the steps to create the site you want and the price ranges for the various components. 

Step 2:

Purchase the domain name, start the development of the site, work with you to fine tune what you want and take it live!

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